*** Sports event of the year at TGIF ***

Do you know what is giong to happen on Sunday February 5? Traditional LLI Super Bowl! American NFL finals and the biggest sport event of the year. Bring your friends to TGI Fridays Anděl, join us and we will  transfer you to the great atmosphere of biggest sport event of the year! We´ve prepared a […]


Tex-Mex is more than just nachos

Nachos, tacos, tortillas, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, chimichanga, churos guacamole. This is Tex-Mex cuisine in its best. Have you succumbed to taste chili, melting cheese, beans, tortillas and tequila? What actually tex-mex is? Let´s have a closer look.     Text-mex cuisine as we know it today, is indeed a young kitchen, but even in […]

Food photographing

Pray, make a photo and eat #tgifridayscz

A few years ago or even recently when you’ve received your ordered meal on the table in a restaurant you simply ate it. But nowadays? Do you belong to the group of those who need to take a picture with their smartphones before eating your meal first? Of course only after preparing the composition, lightening […]

TGI Fridays on 5th Avenue

Birth of generation “singles”

Believe it or not, before first TGI Friday’s restaurant women simply did not go to bars to meet men to be picked up. That all changed with an idea of a salesman in 1965 named Allan Stillman. That was the time when legendary bar TGI Friday’s, which stood at the birth of a new generation, […]


Buda+Pest+TGI Fridays = Easter weekend

It was an Easter weekend. Bit extended with new Friday holiday free time. And how to deal with four days off? After a brainstorming we decided to go abroad. London was too cold, southern Europe actually as well. Slovakia and Tatra mountains would be better with summer sun. Our choice was Budapest, the Hungarian capital […]