Pikantní grilovaný burger se zázvorem, nakládanou cibulkou, citronovým aioli, rozpouštějícím se sýrem Monterey Jack, slaninou a pečenou papričkou jalapeños. Co myslíš? Ustojíš to horko?


Try our new special limited burger edition. Available at TGI Fridays Anděl and Na Příkopě from October 10, 2016.

A spicy and hot burger with ginger volcano sauce, pickled
onions, lemon aioli, melted Monterey Jack cheese, pepper
bacon and roasted jalapenos. What do you think? Can you
handle the heat?

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Together with our FRIDAYS colleagues in Budapest, Warsaw, Vienna and Riga we present you
our new authentic and signature drinks created by the best bartenders in our region.
Each city‘s culture is concentrated in one of these unique cocktails.
Get a sip of popular Polish Zubrowka vodka, indulge in the famous flavor of a Hungarian Dobos cake,
surprise your taste buds with a bold combination of plums and thyme from Prague, feel the Baltic
breeze with a scent of Drambuie or get carried away by a Viennese symphony of Mozart liqueur and
fresh raspberries.