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Refreshing Belgian Wheat beer with fine
delicate taste and raspberry flavour


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• Shaken and stirred with Tonic
• In two flavors

Viennese Chocolate Symphnoy – Michal Floris

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The distinctive taste of the legendary Mozart Dark Chocolate
liqueur mixed with a surprising combination of vodka, fresh
raspberries, honey and pine nuts. This is what it would feel like,
if you could taste music.

Baltic Amber – Slavix Ivanovskis

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Unforgettable cocktail from the Baltic seaside. Great combination
of Gin, Drambuie, lime and lemon juice with overtone taste of
orange liqueur. With refresh ending of rosemary scent and amber
touch of honey.

T-plum PM Spritzer – Petr Marek

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Spend a romantic afternoon in Prague with this fierce combination of
Prosecco, japanese wine from ripe plums and homemade thyme syrup.

Dobos Style cake-shake – Balázs Farkas

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A traditional Hungarian dessert transformed to a delicious shake: vanilla
ice cream, cocoa liqueur, sponge cake, chocolate syrup, roasted walnut
decorated with caramel cap on the top.

Warsaw Spring – Piotr Wasążnik

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Tickle your senses with this refreshing combination of Zubrowka
vodka, apple juice and elderflower syrup. Topped with a splash of
soda and served with a mint leaf it tastes like spring in a glass.

Scrambled eggs

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Eggs, Toast Bread, Butter, Vegetables – American way

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TGIF Scrambled Eggs

Coca cola glazed braised beef

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Tender and juicy beef slow braised in own juice. We served with Cheddar mash potatoes, seasonal vegetables and Coca Cola glaze. more