TGI Club

Have you already got our customer Rosinter card? No? It is a pity! Our Honor Guest Card will upload 10% of the amount of your bill in company Rosinter, s.r.o. restaurants in the Czech Republic. What does it mean?

Than you can use these points during your next visit to restaurants TGI Fridays, where you will be impressed by juicy ribs and crispy fries, as well as visit in restaurant Planet Sushi with pleasant Japanese atmosphere and great meals from the country of rising sun. Have a good meal at our restaurants and get points for your next visit from your bill :-) This seems pretty good, don’t you think?

And we have further benefits for you.

You will not only receive regular messages and invitations for all events at TGI Fridays but during each visit of any Rosinter, s.r.o. restaurant in the Czech Republic your points in the amount of 10% of your bill, which you can apply for payment at our restaurants in the whole of the Czech republic, are uploaded for you.


We also have a surprise for those of you who will celebrate birthdays! Membership in our club will ensure that you will know about us earlier than the others and you can even buy our specialties with discount.

If you would like to be informed weekly about our Lunch Specials, please send an email to with with subject subscribe_lunch