Tex-Mex is more than just nachos

Nachos, tacos, tortillas, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, chimichanga, churos guacamole. This is Tex-Mex cuisine in its best. Have you succumbed to taste chili, melting cheese, beans, tortillas and tequila? What actually tex-mex is? Let´s have a closer look.


BBQ Beef Tacos



Text-mex cuisine as we know it today, is indeed a young kitchen, but even in that short time it has undergone a good transformation since the first mention in print in 1945.

In the days when America was young and Chuck Norris was still in the stars, American settlers have settled down in the territory now known as Texas. As more Cowboys settled along the Rio Grande, their preferences in Mexican food start growing so that they tried to imitate it at home. They continuously add something more and different. And gradually the Mexican restaurant owners in Texas started to adapt their meals going more farther from the original and closer to tastes of cowboys. This resulted in a completely new concept and Tex-Mex cuisine was born.




In the 70’s Tex-Mex restaurants where growing all around the world like mushrooms after a rainy day, and during the 20th century it became totally worldwide popular.


Why TEX-MEX and not just Mexican?

The difference between the purely authentic Mexican cuisine and the Tex-Mex lies in the use of ingredients the authentic Mexican cuisine would never use. To the beans, corn and chili Americans added beef, chicken, wheat tortillas, tomatoes and cans of their typical yellow cheeses. American Mexican cuisine is based on Mexican basis with a little American twist. So that one of the world’s most popular meals were created.

Tex-mex flag

Tex-mex flag


For most Mexicans tex-mex is just not enough. What makes that vital difference?

1. Beef meat – livestock is reflected in the popularity of American beef. Traditional Mexican cuisine beef considered more of a rarity.

2. American yellow cheese, especially cheddar, added to the dishes like enchiladas the Mexican chef would have never consider authentic Mexican. But can you imagine not to have cheese.

3. Cumin is a spice originally brought to Mexico by Spanish settlers, namely from Canary Islands.

4. Tortillas were originally in Mexico made from corn flour. American and extensive cultivation of wheat, however, reflected in its use.

5. Chilli con care or fajitas are not originally Mexican at all. You would never find them in Authentic Mexican cuisine. 


Comfort food

It´s been long time since the Tex-Mex cuisine was considered cheap, too oily, full of low-quality cheese and cream in the 50s. However, due to the current popularity of street food, Tex-Mex is very popular worldwide as well. And fortunately dishes like cabrito (goat meat), barbacoa (barbecued cow heads), carne seca (dried beef), and many other “specialties” remain in the past ;).

The question is not, what´s authentic, or what´s better. Important is always the quality of ingredients and the taste of food. The atmosphere in which you can enjoy your meal is essential to us at TGIF. With us you do not have to fly over the ocean. You can have the best out of tex-mex with us. And much more. It´s called comfort food. So enjoy the comfort of your belly full delicious Tex-Mex food.


Chicken Quesadilla


Recommendations from our bar

And because food should be accompanied by a good drink our bar manager Klára recommends Margarita – a brilliant combination of typical tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice.

Furthermore try for example Ultimate Mexican Runner

Don´t like cocktails? Then choose Corona – a Mexican beer produced at the brewery Modelo in Mexico City, which is among one of the most famous beers and the most iconic intended mainly for export.

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