Pray, make a photo and eat #tgifridayscz

A few years ago or even recently when you’ve received your ordered meal on the table in a restaurant you simply ate it. But nowadays? Do you belong to the group of those who need to take a picture with their smartphones before eating your meal first? Of course only after preparing the composition, lightening and proper fit of each component on the plate. Until recently, most of us would be at least little bit ashamed.

Food photographing

Food photographing


Perhaps it is due to a growth of social networks, maybe a change of mood in society, or an online life. Or perhaps we just need to show off. The most popular is probably Instagram. Also at TGI Fridays we are big fans of the beautiful insta photos #foodporn 🙂


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Also one thing. Did you know that the popularity of food photography has led to service slowdown so that some companies decided to please a big no-sign at the entrance not to make any #instafood photos and prohibited photographing? But who could resist a nice picture? At TGI Friday´s we are definitely not against it. And how to achieve the best photos? We’ve also recently made some photos and had the opportunity to ask a professional photographer and get a few tips:

1. Light can be quite a challenge, especially in a restaurant. Indeed daylight is always the best. So take a seat near the window. Be careful not to create any shadows. For a great photo is suitable soft light but not direct sun. It points out the structure of the food is good light coming from the other side, due to reflections in the lens.

2. Clean lentils. No more to say. Through a dirty window, never really see them.

3. Shadows. Be careful not to make yourself any shadows. Even the best food arrangement does not seem good in the shade, even if you use the best tools to edit the result. Be careful especially when shooting from above. Check where the light is coming from.

4. Professionals emphasize the angle. Structured meals composed of several layers are outstanding even more when photographed from the side (a block of fresh fries, individual burger components, layered desserts). Meals like soup are the best to take pictures from above where you want to mainly show the color not the structure.

5. Details matter. A drop here, a drop there. Professional photographers know that a good photo makes the result. Therefore play with the details such as the precise drops of sauce spread over the contrasting plate. Individual components should be layered to harmonize, not to cover one another and instead highlight it. This is true not only for professional photography, but also at home. Play around with these details.

6. It all about having fun. So play with it. Search for a suitable background, composition and light. Fall in love with food through the lens and enjoy it. Our only recommendation is to take a picture quickly, cold Jack Daniel’s Burger is still excellent, but we prefer hot straight from the grill.


Focení s profesionálem

Making food photos at Ateliér Rafael with a professional


Some scientists even argue that to some people food is even more delicious after taking a picture of it. So shoot shoot and shoot. Here at TGI Fridays you certainly do not have to worry that we will forbid taking pictures. We will be happy to take you a photo 🙂

Join fotomania. Share photos of your visits with #tgifridayscz. We will reward the most active. With what else than food.

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