About Us

New York City, 1965. A New York City perfume salesman Alan Stillman walks into a bar located at First Avenue and 63rd Street. His idea was to attract trendy models and stewardesses into the neighborhood by jazzing up this unassuming beer joint. Single-handedly, the perfume man turns this modest location an instant success. He called it TGI Fridays™.

Built upon a legacy of great food, inventive drinks and big fun, Fridays™ has become a favorite place for friends to congregate together and enjoy a casual dining experience. We have brought the world such famous signature items as our Loaded Potato Skins, Chicken Fingers, Buffalo Wings, our Fridays™ Signature Grill and classic concoctions like the Fridays™ Freeze and the Tropicolada. The flips and spins of our ingenius flair bartending have become legendary, not to mention our wait staff’s unstoppable service and never-ending smiles. Today, we have more than 931 TGI Fridays™ in some 60 countries worldwide. And, since everyday is Friday at TGI Fridays™ that’s 6,517 Fridays™ every single week.

A guy walks into a bar. Fifty years later, the party is still going on 😉

Fridays™ in Prague

TGI Fridays™ first opened a location in Prague in 1997 at the main shopping street Na Příkopě. Since then, TGI Fridays™ has been bringing our special brand of fun not only to the shoppers. Today we have two restaurants in Prague. The other one is located at business centre Anděl.