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You can place your order online via our  Wolt or Eurobest or order by phone and personal pick up at the following phone numbers:

TGI Fridays Anděl: +420 257 286 261

TGI Fridays Na Příkopě: +420 221 967 228

What is the offer in the link below:

Delivery menu

We look forward to your orders 🙂


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Máte zájem o vánoční večírek?

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International womens day

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T.G.I. Fridays celebrates women!

On International Women’s Day, we have prepared for you a bottomless glass of bottled sparkling wine Frizzante, which has the same characteristics as Prosecco. Pay only 119 CZK and enjoy the bubbles as long as you want.

March 8, in the restaurants  on Andel or Na Prikope. We look forward to you!

Event is only for women and the main course.

*** Sports event of the year at TGIF ***

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Do you know what is giong to happen on Sunday February 5? Traditional LLI Super Bowl! American NFL finals and the biggest sport event of the year. Bring your friends to TGI Fridays Anděl, join us and we will  transfer you to the great atmosphere of biggest sport event of the year! We´ve prepared a special program for you. Are a fan of Patriots or Falcons?


Is The Super Bowl really so great? A few Fun Facts

Yes, it simply is! Super Bowl is synonymous for fun, action and party with friends. This is the only night bursting with superlatives.

superbowl team

– Best teams of popular NFL: It’s still a game of big guys all sizes and dimensions. The game of speed and power, with a lot of tension.

– Popular among women: Surprisingly, 40% of the audience at the stadium or in front of the TV are women! Not that muscular men chasing a ball are not interesting enough for the ladies, but it’s more about festivals, events, and especially half-time break what the most viewers are interested in more than in the game itself.

TaylorDavis-SuperBowl5The biggest stars: Singer performing in the half.break is the center of world attention. For most of them the life performance at the Super Bowl stadium is peak of their career and a major tribute. Featured are world stars like The Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna, Beyonce, Lenny Kravitz, Sting and Britney Spears. This year the huge priviledge of life performance at Houston stadium goes to Lady Gaga.

The most expensive advertising in TV history: Publicity and broadcast on all major TV channels contributes to the popularization of the game. Up to 46% of US households is watching the game and in 2014 only 30 seconds of adds in this prime time cost a whopping $4.5 million (112.5 million CZK)!

– The most expensive tickets: Watching the game live is simply an experience. Tickets can climb up to a staggering $ 3,000! Which is three times higher than the original price

The most viewed event: Do you think the viewership of European Champions League is big? Super Bowl viewership is estimated at up to a whopping 90 million viewers. The highest number is from 2011, when the muscular boys were watched by a staggering 111 million viewers worldwide. And the number is growing every year.

– Special menu: Super Bowl and comfort food goes great together as well as our ribs with Jack Daniel’s sauce. And we at TGI Fridays agree on this J Regardless diets, this evening is full of delicious and flavorful food. Among the most popular not only at the TGIF we can name nachos with guacamole and a number of other dips, Buffalo Wings, sandwiches, and burgers or glazed ribs. And of course beer cannot be missing.


All this and much more you will find at TGI Fridays Anděl February 5, from 11pm:

tgi_fridays_superbowl– Special menu like our most popular ribs, burgers and chips

– Two Staropramen beers with main course for free!

– Stylish service in Prague Mustangs dresses that will cheer with you,

– Raffle for great prizes

– 5 TVs and the big screen



Make your reservation at Super Bowl Night at TGI Fridays Angel today.

There is not much free space left 😉

Make a reservation  Super Bowl menu  About Super Bowl

Pray, make a photo and eat #tgifridayscz

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A few years ago or even recently when you’ve received your ordered meal on the table in a restaurant you simply ate it. But nowadays? Do you belong to the group of those who need to take a picture with their smartphones before eating your meal first? Of course only after preparing the composition, lightening and proper fit of each component on the plate. Until recently, most of us would be at least little bit ashamed.

Food photographing

Food photographing


Perhaps it is due to a growth of social networks, maybe a change of mood in society, or an online life. Or perhaps we just need to show off. The most popular is probably Instagram. Also at TGI Fridays we are big fans of the beautiful insta photos #foodporn 🙂


Instagram: tgifridayscz


Also one thing. Did you know that the popularity of food photography has led to service slowdown so that some companies decided to please a big no-sign at the entrance not to make any #instafood photos and prohibited photographing? But who could resist a nice picture? At TGI Friday´s we are definitely not against it. And how to achieve the best photos? We’ve also recently made some photos and had the opportunity to ask a professional photographer and get a few tips:

1. Light can be quite a challenge, especially in a restaurant. Indeed daylight is always the best. So take a seat near the window. Be careful not to create any shadows. For a great photo is suitable soft light but not direct sun. It points out the structure of the food is good light coming from the other side, due to reflections in the lens.

2. Clean lentils. No more to say. Through a dirty window, never really see them.

3. Shadows. Be careful not to make yourself any shadows. Even the best food arrangement does not seem good in the shade, even if you use the best tools to edit the result. Be careful especially when shooting from above. Check where the light is coming from.

4. Professionals emphasize the angle. Structured meals composed of several layers are outstanding even more when photographed from the side (a block of fresh fries, individual burger components, layered desserts). Meals like soup are the best to take pictures from above where you want to mainly show the color not the structure.

5. Details matter. A drop here, a drop there. Professional photographers know that a good photo makes the result. Therefore play with the details such as the precise drops of sauce spread over the contrasting plate. Individual components should be layered to harmonize, not to cover one another and instead highlight it. This is true not only for professional photography, but also at home. Play around with these details.

6. It all about having fun. So play with it. Search for a suitable background, composition and light. Fall in love with food through the lens and enjoy it. Our only recommendation is to take a picture quickly, cold Jack Daniel’s Burger is still excellent, but we prefer hot straight from the grill.


Focení s profesionálem

Making food photos at Ateliér Rafael with a professional


Some scientists even argue that to some people food is even more delicious after taking a picture of it. So shoot shoot and shoot. Here at TGI Fridays you certainly do not have to worry that we will forbid taking pictures. We will be happy to take you a photo 🙂

Join fotomania. Share photos of your visits with #tgifridayscz. We will reward the most active. With what else than food.

Tex-Mex is more than just nachos

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Nachos, tacos, tortillas, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, chimichanga, churos guacamole. This is Tex-Mex cuisine in its best. Have you succumbed to taste chili, melting cheese, beans, tortillas and tequila? What actually tex-mex is? Let´s have a closer look.


BBQ Beef Tacos



Text-mex cuisine as we know it today, is indeed a young kitchen, but even in that short time it has undergone a good transformation since the first mention in print in 1945.

In the days when America was young and Chuck Norris was still in the stars, American settlers have settled down in the territory now known as Texas. As more Cowboys settled along the Rio Grande, their preferences in Mexican food start growing so that they tried to imitate it at home. They continuously add something more and different. And gradually the Mexican restaurant owners in Texas started to adapt their meals going more farther from the original and closer to tastes of cowboys. This resulted in a completely new concept and Tex-Mex cuisine was born.




In the 70’s Tex-Mex restaurants where growing all around the world like mushrooms after a rainy day, and during the 20th century it became totally worldwide popular.


Why TEX-MEX and not just Mexican?

The difference between the purely authentic Mexican cuisine and the Tex-Mex lies in the use of ingredients the authentic Mexican cuisine would never use. To the beans, corn and chili Americans added beef, chicken, wheat tortillas, tomatoes and cans of their typical yellow cheeses. American Mexican cuisine is based on Mexican basis with a little American twist. So that one of the world’s most popular meals were created.

Tex-mex flag

Tex-mex flag


For most Mexicans tex-mex is just not enough. What makes that vital difference?

1. Beef meat – livestock is reflected in the popularity of American beef. Traditional Mexican cuisine beef considered more of a rarity.

2. American yellow cheese, especially cheddar, added to the dishes like enchiladas the Mexican chef would have never consider authentic Mexican. But can you imagine not to have cheese.

3. Cumin is a spice originally brought to Mexico by Spanish settlers, namely from Canary Islands.

4. Tortillas were originally in Mexico made from corn flour. American and extensive cultivation of wheat, however, reflected in its use.

5. Chilli con care or fajitas are not originally Mexican at all. You would never find them in Authentic Mexican cuisine. 


Comfort food

It´s been long time since the Tex-Mex cuisine was considered cheap, too oily, full of low-quality cheese and cream in the 50s. However, due to the current popularity of street food, Tex-Mex is very popular worldwide as well. And fortunately dishes like cabrito (goat meat), barbacoa (barbecued cow heads), carne seca (dried beef), and many other “specialties” remain in the past ;).

The question is not, what´s authentic, or what´s better. Important is always the quality of ingredients and the taste of food. The atmosphere in which you can enjoy your meal is essential to us at TGIF. With us you do not have to fly over the ocean. You can have the best out of tex-mex with us. And much more. It´s called comfort food. So enjoy the comfort of your belly full delicious Tex-Mex food.


Chicken Quesadilla


Recommendations from our bar

And because food should be accompanied by a good drink our bar manager Klára recommends Margarita – a brilliant combination of typical tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice.

Furthermore try for example Ultimate Mexican Runner

Don´t like cocktails? Then choose Corona – a Mexican beer produced at the brewery Modelo in Mexico City, which is among one of the most famous beers and the most iconic intended mainly for export.

Buda+Pest+TGI Fridays = Easter weekend

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It was an Easter weekend. Bit extended with new Friday holiday free time. And how to deal with four days off? After a brainstorming we decided to go abroad. London was too cold, southern Europe actually as well. Slovakia and Tatra mountains would be better with summer sun. Our choice was Budapest, the Hungarian capital full of hearty meal, hot-blooded Hungarians, Palinka and the Thermal Spas. Furthermore, who would not want to see a former cultural metropolis of the East?

Easter in Budapest

Easter in Budapest

We went as a couple of two and hoped that the combined world travel knowledge, language skills and shared enthusiasm for walks, history and desire to get to know the sharpness of the Hungarian nation and the hot peppers will be enough. And it was. Czech and Slovak languages we heard everywhere. Obviously, we chose the Easter holidays and it´s really close for Slovaks. Luckily thanks to the language skills of the Hungarians there was no need to understand their mother language.

For anyone who has never been there, Budapest is surprisingly pleasant mixture of Prague and Vienna. But we think it´s missing the friendliness and the historical places of Prague and wonderful reputation of Vienna. But it does mean that you won´t find the best this city can offer.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays Oktogon

Our main goal is Budapest was TGI Friday’s restaurant. Out of the two restaurants we chose the one in the center at a large rondel with a lot of competition around. But we insisted on quality lunch at TGIF. Our global restaurant chain is based on quality ingredients, great combinations of flavors and atmosphere you will not find anywhere else. We plan to visit as mystery shoppers and surprise local creators of gastronomic experiences. Didn´t work though. Quite simply, it was confirmed that nice and friendly waiters, professional cooks and pleasant atmosphere are in all Friday’s restaurants, regardless their mother tongue. Even Chef came and joked with us. Isn´t it just what most Czech restaurants are missing?

Eating high quality food and original concept with smiling people at TGI Friday’s, we will also continue throughout the world 🙂


Reasons to visit Budapest:

Thermal Spas – hot bath is the best. Spa culture was brought to Budapest by old Turks. There are a lot of them that you can even choose the best one. The biggest, oldest, prettiest. With the outdoor or indoor pool.

Szechenyi bath

Szechenyi bath

Langoš – as a little girl at Balaton lake with my parents I was always begging my dad to stand for me that long queue for this fried grease soaked and garlic, ketchup and cheese brushed delicacy. This time, we discovered sweet Langoš. With the chocolate nut butter, fruit, nuts, coconut, and even with custard. Luckily we had so much walking to burn it.



Hungarian cuisine – clearly goulash. This is simply a must. Perhaps several times. At the restaurant, at the largest marketplace. We also tried out the Easter markets.

Hungarian speacial

Hungarian speacial



Nightlife – local hot Hungarians recommend us to visit place in the city with cozy bars and restaurants. We would recommend you try really authentic, usually a little hidden Hungarian bar or restaurant. Although we had a hard time reading the menu in their mother language, there is no problem with translation for tourist like us.

Food orgasm

Food orgasm

Cost and time availability – what can we say. When it goes well on D1 highway you are in Budapest in about 5 hours from Prague. Connected highways, stops only for a vignette, and you’re right there. Prices are similar to those in Czech. Additionally, with their forints will feel like millionaire 🙂

Easter market

Easter market

Wine – for lovers of grape fluid it is a paradise. Tokaj we tried with all our senses and fell in love.

Monuments – amazing history of the city, which has experienced incursions from the east, wartime bombing from the west and subsequent socialist revolution, is now somehow passé. But on the historical sites you find all those important reminders. Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, Parliament, basilicas and churches, be sure to visit.



Bridges over the Danube – to our pleasant surprise. In Budapest along the Danube you won´t find one similar bridge. Each one has its original appearance, age, material used but also the color. Thus you see the bridge lit with yellow, green, orange or white. Discreetly, of course.

Budapest at night

Budapest at night

TGI Friday’s Budapest 🙂

TGI Firdays Budapest

TGI Firdays Budapest